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Page Plus (Verizon)

Total Wireless (Verizon)

NET 10 (AT&T)

H20 (AT&T)

Simple Mobile (T-Mobile)

LycaMobile (T-Mobile)


Reduce the Cost of Your Mobile Phone Bill

*Affordable no contract plans over the largest Networks with Unlimited Data

*4G LTE Nationwide Coverage

*Activate from our store to anywhere in the U.S. in the Network

*Automatic Renewal set up-no extra charge

*Nationwide Coverage

*$10 International Credit included in 4G Plans Every Month


     *  $10 Plan is Perfect the Occasional User

     *  $80 plan - 1333 minutes for a year

     *  Plans for those who do not text or use data

     *  Family Plans Available on Verizon Network

     *  Add International Carry Over Minutes to any Cell Phone Plan - Call over 60 Countries - No Surcharge

Rates - (Verizon)





3G/4G Phones; Unlimited Talk & Text  

"NOW" - Fully Unlimited Data

$10 International Credit

3G/4G Phones; Unlimited Talk & Text; 5 GB Data; $10 International Credit

3G/4G Phones; Unlimited Talk & Text; 2 GB Data; $10 International Credit

3G Phones; 500 Talk Minutes; 500 Text; 100 MB Text Data

*SIM Card is required for 4G Phones (We can mail you the SIM Card

Only pay for the minutes you use


Standard Cash Plans - 120 days-No Texting-No Data

166 Minutes


416 Minutes




Standard Cash Plan-1 Year-No Texting-No Data-$.04 a Minute

1333 Minutes

International Rates can be added to any cell phone.  


Call over 60 Countries

Lowest Rates.  


Tired of Tele-Marketers??  Listen to their sales speech.  At the end press the key choice they give you to be removed from their call list.  By law, they cannot call you back.  The number is usually 2, 3 or 9.

9 global card

$9 Global Plan can be added to Your Page Plus Plan.  Doesn't expire in 30 days...

FAMILY PLANS * 2 PHONES ($60) * 3 Phones ($85) * 4 Phones ($100)


3G/4G Phones, Unlimited Talk & Text; 15 GB Data